First rate results by world-class pressmen and embroiderers are at the core of the screen-printed and embroidered products that we deliver to and for our clients. Our product development staff works hand-in-hand with our production facility to insure that what you get is better than you expected.

In addition to our local facilities we work with several screen-printing facilities across North America to insure timely delivery of any products you may need.


This is where the rubber meets the road in the entertainment merchandise business. Your person on the road is the most important piece of your touring merch life. Our highly respected tour vending team is the best in the business,
insuring solid relationships with thousands of venues nationwide, exhaustive attention to logistics as well as making sure your merch looks good on the road.

All accounting is handled in-house. Your reports will be timely and the detail information will be just what you need to run your business!


An important element of our touring artists product mix includes posters and 8x10s. We have a deep network of paper printers and binders that create fantastic printed products for entertainment properties.


We have access to tens of thousands of products that allow our touring and entertainment properties to complete their online and touring product mix. We also work with universities, businesses, and non-profit organizations to supply promotional products for marketing and branding campaigns. Check out our online catalog below for many of the items we have access to. If you don’t find what you are looking for let us know and we’ll find it for you.

Click here to see our entire catalog of unique promo items.


Design. This is where it all begins. Our designers are professionals AND creative …and have a lot of fun doing what they do. They live in Portland, Manhattan, Nashville, Dallas, Colorado and yes, even Columbus, OH. By working with designers all over the nation it allows for individual and unique perspectives because we don’t want all our designs looking like they came out of Tennessee! They’ll get your brand and also understand who your customers are. Our processes begin with in depth discussions with our clients and as much direction as you can give in order to get it right.


In early 2015 Essential Artist Services launched an e-commerce platform focused on one thing: The Fan. The goal with Essential Fan was to develop a platform that works well and looks good while doing it. For more information on e-commerce and fulfillment, contact us and we’ll fill you in on how it works!